Iqra & Ahsan and Anum & Azfar

Having only played a small part in this feast for the eyes wedding reception, I came away with such a feel of awe to have been a part of it.  Iqra and Anum planned a stunning evening, rich in color, culture, family and tradition.  Iqra, lover of the rustic style and Anum, lover of crystal, met in the middle and applied both their dreams into one major gala and that is where I came in and added the little touches.  However, the true decor for the evening was displayed in the beauty of the two sister brides and their husbands with all their guests dressed in gorgeously jeweled attire.  They were my first step into the world of weddings and we remain friends to this day, I’ll never forget that evening of beauty.

Venue:  Chardonnay Golf Club

Photography: Naveed Ahmad

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