Rebecca & Joel

I fell in love with this couple; sitting outside a coffee shop while listening to their vision for their wedding day, I was quickly swept up in the excitement.  Eager to work hand in hand with them and incorporate the rich Jewish heritage as the center core for their wedding day, I rejoiced when they chose me as their wedding planner.  All their guests, Jew or not, were fully involved in every part of the tradition.  Having spent a great deal of time traveling together, they chose to weave a National Park theme throughout the design with rustic succulent adornment.  Pre-wedding festivities began with the Tisch and Bedeken.  Ladies to the left, gents to the right.  Then, with hearts full of joy and fun Jewish song, Joel danced his way to his bride with his fellow-men.  The parents gave their blessing, the Ketubah was signed and the guests left to be seated for the ceremony.  Following the cocktail hour, all the guests, along with the wedding party, gathered for the hora then entered the beautiful dining grove.   Emily Day Music brought the atmosphere to new heights with their big band ensemble, weaving Jewish music, jazz, big band throughout the night.  Many more prayers, hand washing, blessings, and libations finished the evening off in glee.  Joy followed for weeks, I will never forget this amazing night.

Venue: De Loach Winery

Full Kosher Catering Service: Epic Bites Catering

Photography: Gina Petersen

Band:  Emily Day Music

Design: Love Notes Wedding Planning & Design

Florals:  Petal Town

Hair:  Hair by Nat                    Makeup: Artistry by Danika


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