Love Notes!

Joel & Rebecca

“Jen was an incredible asset for our wedding planning. She was responsive, organized, and always had our best interests at heart, which is hard to come by in the wedding business. She genuinely cared about us making good decisions, saving money, and having fun along the way. By the time the big day arrived we had complete faith that it would go off without a hitch because of her amazing coordination skills, and it did! To add to it all, we had a very non-traditional wedding for wine country – essentially a modern Jewish orthodox wedding with multiple ceremonies and other traditions (like t’naim, bedeken/tisch, birkat hamazon). Even though these traditions were new to Jen, she fully embraced them, learned about them, and helped us execute them flawlessly. Finally, Jen is incredibly crafty, making signs and other decor by hand, and she made great use of the space we were working with, even given our large wedding size (170). We would recommend her to anyone 100 times over who wants a wine country planner who knows what she is doing, is down to earth, and will execute beautifully. Thank you Jen!”

Alex & Sara

“I remember the day we hired Jen to be our day of coordinator. It was a turning point in my wedding planning for me, because up to that point, I was so stressed out about how it was all going to come together on the day. We hadn’t budgeted for a coordinator and suddenly we had all these tasks for the day of that we didn’t know who or how to get done. Jen’s price was the most reasonable, but she also seemed like the easiest person to work with. We gave her a check and I could feel myself relax. Jen’s demeanor gives the impression of calm, easy competence, which is EXACTLY what every couple needs on their day. It was what we needed. No silly question was too silly and even things I’d forgotten to ask her about in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding, she handled smoothly. She kept true to our vision for the day, and interpreted everything we gave her into a beautiful experience that we got to enjoy with our guests. If you can hire her, you should. It was easily the best money we spent.”

Jon & Janell

“My husband and I can’t say enough good things about Jen! From the get-go we loved her relaxed attitude, organization and responsiveness. She sat down with us a year before our wedding and went through our vision and gave us great recommendations on where to start and who to contact. Jen was always available to bounce ideas off and was a problem solver. It was helpful that she was a part of the catering industry at one point because when we chose Elaine Bell as our caterer she was able to contact our point person and advocate for our needs. She was conscious of how to save us money if possible and would keep our rental list up to date and take items off whenever possible. She allowed both of our families and us to have a relaxing, no-stress wedding day because she set up all of our decorations and items. She also kept a detailed event order on how the wedding day would flow and was flexible with any changes that we wanted. When we had concerns about the trees at the venue blocking our view at dinner, she quickly addressed this with the events manager at the facility and had them cut back. She was behind the scenes throughout the wedding day and assisted with smooth transitions. Jen also made herself available and was able to answer all of our questions; she kept us on track throughout the process. She even cut olive sprigs off her own olive tree, to place as an accent in our napkins. She really goes above and beyond. We can’t stress enough how WONDERFUL she is, the best money we spent hands-down!!! If you want your wedding day to be perfect, hire Jen!!”

Tao & Hai-Ching

“Looking for wedding planner to save you from the never-ending, overwhelming, depths of despair of your wedding planning process? Well look no more – Jen Priest is the answer to your stress! Jen is the dream wedding planner that you could ever wish for — calm, collected, competent, and super responsive…she knows exactly what needs to be done to get your planning done. She has helped us with everything from putting together our wedding design and handmade decor (perfect for someone as aesthetically challenged as I am), coordinating with vendors (her extensive background in catering is key), and making sure everything is executed on time, with time to spare. Unlike other wedding planners who try to upsell you, she actually tries to help you save money on vendors and decor without sacrificing quality! As a local family business, Jen and her entire family pitches in to help out on different aspects of the wedding, everything from moving chairs and equipment to setting up. On our wedding day, Jen works quickly and seamlessly behind the scenes — everything goes as planned like clockwork. At a time of high stress and where things may go wrong, Jen is the one of the main reason why we were able to fully enjoy without too much stress and drama free on the most magical day of our lives. Save yourself the trouble and hire Jen! We highly recommend Jen and are so happy to have her make our wedding dreams come true. Thanks, Jen!!!!”

Sean & Jen

“Jen priest was recommended to us by DeLoach winery where we had our wedding. She was still new to bring a wedding coordinator but you would not have know it. She took every idea and detail I had suggested and made it happen. Our guests loved all the details and thought our wedding was seamless. I brought in boxes of decorations and she placed them all exactly where o wanted then without asking any questions while I was getting ready. I could not have enjoyed my wedding without her to take care of all the details.

Thank you I would highly recommend Jen to coordinate your wedding or event.”

“From the moment we first met with Jen, we knew we were in good hands. Her hard work, creativity and attention to detail helped bring our vision to life and allowed us to relax and enjoy our special day. There were so many details, but Jen executed them seamlessly, and now we have a lifetime of memories–and pictures!–to show for it.”

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